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Peter Murphy

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Since an early age I had always been drawn towards healing and spirituality and knew that this was my true path in life. Initially I studied and learned about the chakras and meridian systems within the human body and energy field, through many courses and workshops that I attended. Then shortly after I attended Michael Enrights Bio Energy workshops. In 2001 I became a certified Integrated energy therapist "healing with the energy of angels".Then in 2005 I became a certified master instructor trained by Steven Thayer, founder of Integrated Energy Therapy. More recently I started up this website PureNewYou.com to inform people how to heal and prevent the many diseases of today on the physical level through nutrition. With an online shop selling what I would consider the best nutritional products and toxic free personal care products on the market today. Then combining Integrated Energy Therapy to heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for optimum health and wellbeing.

For one to one healing sessions telephone or e-mail for an appointment.


Peter Murphy E-mail: Angelhealing@purenewyou.com

Tel: 086 8419971