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Angel Healing Therapy - Cork

angel healingIntegrated Energy Therapy "Healing with the energy of Angels" is a hand's on power energy therapy that gets the "issues out of the tissues" for good! Integrated Energy Therapy uses a violet angelic energy ray, channeled from the Angelic Realm. During an IET angel healing session there are nine angels that are channeled for assistance: Archangel Ariel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Angel Celestina, Angel Faith, Angel Cassiel, Angel Daniel, Angel Sarah and Archangel Michael. IET angel healing works directly with your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA and supports you in releasing limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, helping you to reach for the stars as you evolve into your future.

For thousands of years, Eastern medical approaches have focused on the electromagnetic energy field of the human body. The energy within this field has been given many different names by various cultures. Some of the more commonly used names include Ki (Japan), Chi (China) and Prana (India). This energy has been found to flow through prescribed passageways, much like blood as it flows through veins and arteries.

Meridians are the pathways that bring energy to nourish and replenish each organ, and channels are the pathways that balance the energy between the meridians. As we journey through our lives, the flow of energy can become restricted or limited. You can think of the energy pathways being like riverbeds that become choked by a beaver dam. The dam does not stop the flow, but rather, it limits the flow and creates an area of energy stagnation. These restrictions are commonly referred to as energy blocks. Some causes of energy blocks are physical trauma, surgery, disease, exhaustion, starvation, emotional crises, suppressed feelings, stress, fear, self-limiting thoughts, and karma. Energy blockages limit our experience of life and can result in lack of spontaneity, energy depletion, and even disease.

Angell healingIntegrated Energy Therapy (IET Angel healing) provides a gentle way to open the flow of vital life force within the human body and the human energy field, by integrating suppressed feelings from cellular memory and clearing their associated energy blocks, thus healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Not only does IET angel healing support the clearing of energy blockages and cellular memories that result from this lifetime , but also those that were brought into this life from a past life. The IET healing energy also works to energetically restructure your body's DNA and supports you in remembering and living the true expression of your soul's purpose in this lifetime.

An IET angel healing treatment takes approximately 1 hour, first treatment with consultation takes about 1 hr. 30mins. Treatment costs €50


For an IET angel healing appointment call me on 086 8419971 or e-mail:Angelhealing@purenewyou.com